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VideoBot — A new way of interacting with the customers

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

An AI-powered Video Bot is a software program for simulating human-like conversations using artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, NLP, AR, VR, and RPA. Video is one of the best ways to capture someone’s attention, and when paired with our Custom Bots and apps, you can turn that attention into action, automatically.

Arguably the next step in human-computer interaction, video bots are the evolutionary successor to chatbots.

What is a video bot?

A video bot is a software program for simulating intelligent, intuitive, and interactive conversations with human users using artificial intelligence. Users interact with video bots via a conversational interface through written or spoken text. While all this look likes chatbots that we already know, video bots take it to the next level. Virtually indistinguishable from a video call, video bots contain realistic audio of the person. (Real or virtual talking to the user)

First, a video recording is made of the person (starring) in the video bot. The video bot is made after assimilating these components. It can then respond to users’ questions that can be voiced. Video bots can be placed on any webpage of your website.

The nature of communication is always decided by the technology itself based on the algorithms written. As a similarity, we can say that the difference between human-human and human-computer communication is like the difference between talking to an adult and an infant.

Videobots are the latest attempt to cross that hurdle in man’s interaction with technology. They can handle ‘Contextual Communication’ which enables users to «talk» freely.

Chatbots have been and are doing this well, but they lack the personalization that videobots offer. Imagine talking to a software robot and then a real person in a video chat. It’s easy to realize that the experiences differ like car and bike. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, videobots can dynamically respond to human needs in human terms.

Such a response system is fundamental to providing an easy interface for interaction — language. The best way to provide a personal experience for customers is through video. There are several advantages to having a video bot on your website.

Advantages of using Video Bots

Increased Engagement

A video bot makes it easy for the customers to obtain information about your products or services without navigating/searching them on pages on your website.

Increased Conversions

A well-trained VideoBot can help your company to increase conversions by providing potential customers with information that convinces them to buy your products.

Impress Your Customers

Yes, a video bot is a powerful way to engage with prospects and create a more personal connection. In addition, a Video bot helps you collect user data to improve your marketing efforts.

Using videobots for a business

Videobots are on the rise. Getting used to normal chatbots is still in process.

Technology may rarely wait for the masses, but it is important to consider factors like volume (of users) and usability while building and implementing videobots. After all, a technology’s success lies in its widespread use.

Two factors come into play while developing videobots. One, to make the videobot a well- developed tool so that it is successful and useful, and two, to find a place for it to ensure that it is actually used in user conversations.

While the former depends on investment in a talented IT team, the latter depends on identifying use case scenarios.

Why videoBots are the future

There is no doubt that video bot has managed to grab attention at a wider aspect. This system is minimizing the requirement of smiling and dialing. There are a few things that are overcome with the help of video bots.

Natural Language

It has changed the progress of the whole set easily with the addition of an intelligent system. It made chatbots in the earlier time and now they have moved a step up with the introduction of video bots.

Ease of developing and deploying

Yes, with technology advancement, companies are easily coming up with different ideas to implement video bots.

Personalized sales

Well, video bots are covering everything to make the user experience at its best. Once the video is drafted properly with emails or on the website, then they can start with the calling context.

Easy and efficient sales

Bots have made it easy for the sales team to overcome major flaws and work on meeting the demands. You can consider bots as human only but they have much more automated tasks instead of working manually. The data is modified as per the data that is saved in the system.


A videobot is a software program for simulating intelligent, intuitive, and interactive conversations with human users using artificial intelligence. Virtually indistinguishable from a video call, videobots contain realistic audio of the person — real or virtual talking to the user.

Chatbots have been and are doing this well, but they lack the personalization that videobots offer, they have the capability of virtually impressing your customer, and offer increased engagement.


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