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Machine Learning Bootcamp


✅ WHAT’S THE COURSE ABOUT Learn Machine Learning from prominent industry professionals and work on projects at the industry level to enhance your portfolio. This course intends to give its learners a broad introduction to the subject of Machine Learning. ✅ HOW THIS BOOTCAMP WORKS This Bootcamp is LIVE instructor-led, so you'll receive the meeting information to attend the live courses after you enroll, you'll receive the meeting information to attend the live courses. After each session, the recordings will be uploaded for later use. ✅ STRUCTURE OF THE COURSE This Bootcamp is intended mainly for a younger audience or people who wish to have a stronger understanding of Machine Learning, and people who want to have basic python programming knowledge. This Bootcamp contains 6 modules. 1. Introduction Module 2. Supervised ML 3. Ensemble Models 4. Model Selection and Metrics 5. Unsupervised ML 6. Deep Learning 🎯 BENEFITS OUT OF THIS BOOTCAMP ✔️ Guided Real-time Project ✔️ Certificate ✔️ Internship Opportunity ✔️ Duration - 4 months





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