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Quantum Computing Beginner


✅ WHAT’S THE COURSE ABOUT This course intends to give its learners a broad introduction to the subject of quantum computing. By the end of the course, learners can expect to have a good qualitative understanding of how quantum computers work and how to compute through them. ✅ WHO’S THE COURSE FOR This course is meant for students, recent graduates and curious minds. The course can be studied by anyone above 10th grade. A fair portion is also dedicated to a basic understanding of physics and prerequisites for understanding quantum computing and algorithm development. Hence people from non-science backgrounds may also follow the course and have a jist of this vast field. ✅ STRUCTURE OF THE COURSE This level is intended mainly for a younger audience or people who wish to have a stronger understanding of fundamental physics, essential for understanding how quantum computers work. This level contains 6 modules. 1. Introduction Module 2. Qbits 3. Gates 4. Python 5. Quantum Circuits 6. Quantum Algorithms 🎯 BENEFITS OUT OF THIS BOOTCAMP ✔️ Guided Real-time Project ✔️ Certificate ✔️ Internship Opportunity ✔️ Duration - 4 months





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