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Artificial Intelligence: A Blessing or a Potential Threat?

AI - blessing or curse?

From using ChatGPT for solving our queries to using Alexa for doing our small tasks, AI is becoming a part of our lives. Artificial Intelligence also known as AI is the branch of science which studies and develops machines or software that require human intelligence. AI is a rapidly developing field which has immense scope in future keeping in view the revolution it is bringing in industries. Though for many people AI acts as a boon, there also exists a belief that AI can be a danger as it can replace humans and can give rise to unemployment. Thus arises the debate whether AI is really a boon to humankind or is it our enemy.

Every coin has two sides technology can be a boon or bane depending on how we use it. AI is developing technology which can create machines that can behave like a human. With AI, we have been able to develop virtual assistants which can manage our daily schedules, remind us of important tasks and can also give suggestions. With software like CHATGPT and BING, we can get answers to our questions without even making an effort to browse. Organisations can use AI to predict outcomes based on their daily progress. It can also work a lot faster and with high accuracy which decreases the chance of human error. The medical field has also embraced AI as in 2017, an AI has assisted a doctor in surgeries to suture small blood vessels.

With all these benefits, there is also another side to this seemingly amazing technology. With job automation comes the potential loss of jobs which is a concern for all the employees. Also though the machines can think, behave and act like humans they still lack the capability of understanding emotions. Also, machines can't think on their own, so if not already provided with data, they cannot create solutions of their own. Ethical concerns of hacking and loss of privacy also arise. After going through all these, one has to understand that even though AI has a lot of advantages, it can never replace humans. The capability of understanding, thinking and creating is only with humans and a machine cannot do this on its own. It can never replace the unique abilities which humans have.

AI is for helping humans and not replacing them. AI is surely a powerful tool and thus can bring progress if used responsibly and ethically.

Author - Dhriti Goswami

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